International and visitors Students

The University of Cádiz offers international students the possibility of registering as visitor
students of any international mobility programme, except Erasmus+ students, who must enroll
in the University of Cádiz through the specific Erasmus+ registration process.

The programme allows students to register in different modules, but they do not obtain a
degree certification for taking them. However, at the end of the stay, a transcript of records
will be issued in order for the students to manage at their home University the possibility for

Spanish students who want to become visiting students in the University of Cádiz should
contact directly with Vicerrectorado de alumnos

If you are interested in obtaining an official degree certification in the University of Cádiz, you
will have to register as a regular student. For further information, visit the Vicerrectorado de
alumnos website: Vicerrectorado de alumnos website.


We distinguish two kinds of students once the necessary documentation has been sent:
  • Nominated students of a partner university, who will benefit from exemptions and discounts on academic fees as well as on registry fees according to the specific mobility agreement. Please note that all communications must be channeled through international programmes managers of both Home and Host institutions.


  • Not nominated students of a partner university or Freemover students, who have to pay the applicable fee of 45 €/ECTS, in addition to registry fees (65.92 €). A discount of 50% on academic fees will be applied to students over 65 years old and retirees (for which it is required to present a retiree certificate).


Students can register from only 1 module (6 ECTS) up to 5 modules (30 ECTS) per semester (60 annual ECTS maximum).
A) Application process
  • Partner universities will nominate the students formally and, then, send an email to  with the students personal details (name and surname, email address and area of knowledge). Students coming as Freemovers for this exchange have to send their personal details directly to the previous email address.
  • The University of Cádiz will send an email to nominated students with a link to the online platform, through which the exchange procedure is managed. Please read carefully the Instructions to fulfill the application in the previous platform.
  • The link to access the platform is valid for 3 days, counting from the moment the student receives the email. However, once you access the application form and save some information, the link will remain available until the moment of submitting your application or until the closing date of the call. If at the moment of fulfilling the application you do not have all the necessary information, you can “save” your progress and access the application form later on by using the same link in order to complete it or attach any file. However, once the application is submitted, the platform will not be accessible through the same link anymore, since it is personal and non-transferable. Therefore, if any mistake has been made in the application, please write a email to


    • The application form is divided in 5 parts:
      • Mobility information
      • Personal datails
      • Usual residence information
      • Modules: After adding all the information about the modules, the online application creates a learning agreement with the latest saved information. We recommend the students applying for the full academic year to fulfill the application form with all modules for both the first and the second semester. Once this file has been downloaded, it must be revised and signed by the student and by the Home university academic coordinator, who also has to include the institutional seal. Afterwards, this document must be scanned and uploaded to the online platform along with the other required documentation.
      • Required documentation: 
        • Transcript of records in PDF format.
        • Valid Passport in PDF format.
        • Learning agreement previously obtained in PDF.
        • Required language level certification in a single file in PDF format::
          1. . Students with Spanish as mother tongue must upload their passport again in this field.
          2. . Students with a mother tongue different from Spanish must upload the Spanish B1 level certification according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).
          3. . Students that choose modules requiring certain language level certification for access must provide it as well..
        • Comittent Student Letter in PDF.
    B) Considerations
    Please note that students must have, at least, a Spanish B1 level when classes start. The UCA’s language centre Centro Superior de Lenguas Modernas (CSLM) offers Spanish courses for visiting and international students. For further information such as courses, timetables or costs, visit the following link:
    Once all documents have been received and processed, students will receive an acceptance letter within two months from the closing date of nomination call. 
    The dates for submitting the admission application as Visiting Students are:
    To study during the FALL SEMESTER (from October to Febrary)
    • Nominations and sending of documentation take place between 1st November and 15th May. Deadline to receive documentation: 31st May
    To study during the SPRING SEMESTER (from February to July)
    • Nominations and sending of documentation take place between 1st June and 15th October. Deadline to receive documentation: 31st October
    A) Academic year calendar
    The current academic year calendar, as well as those of previous years, is available in the following link:
    A) List of modules and timetables
    A relation of modules in which the visiting student can register (with the exception of students of the Degree in Medicine) and its corresponding timetables is available in the following files:
    A list of modules taught in English can be found in (Courses offered in English)
    B) Considerations for students of the Degree in Medicine
    For students pursuing a Degree in Medicine, there are a number of essential requirements to meet:


    • Clinical rotation can only be applied for in the context of the official calendar of the Degree in Medicine study programme, which is carried out between 1st October and 30th May.


    • The rotations are divided in 3 blocks comprising the sixth-year only module. These blocks are: 1. Medical Block (Bloque Médico or BM in Spanish), 2. Surgical Block (Bloque Quirúrgico or BQ) and 3. Maternal-infant Block (Bloque Materno Infantil or BMI). Each of them can be carried out individually during the following periods: 1) from 9th October to 22nd December, b) from 8th January to 15th March, and c) from 19th March to 25th May.


    • Students interested in applying for clinical rotation must do so through the International Office of their Home university (in order to better channel their demands as well as to facilitate the response and coordination between both institutions) and in the following nominating periods: From 9th October to 22nd December, for the call opened from 1st June to 15th October. From 8th January to 15th March, for the call opened from 1st June to 15th October. From 19th March to 25th May, for the call opened from 1st November to 15th May.


    • It is not possible to study third-year theoretical-practical modules and, at the same time, fouth- and fifth-year modules due to schedule incompatibility of clinical internships in the hospital (since the third-year clinical modules block take place in the hospital on Thursdays and Fridays, while fourth- and fith-year modules take place on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays).


    • Students interested in carrying out the rotation in the Maternal-infant Block (in sixth year) or annual theoretical-practical Paediatrics module (in fifth year) must provide an official certificate of absence of sexual offences against minors in order for it to be included in their documentation, in accordance with the UCA Agreement 45/2015 from 14th October under Spanish Children’s Protection Act and Legal Protection of Children and Young People Act. A sample of the certificate is available in this link:
    However, all the information related to modules and timetables can be found in the Faculty of Medicine website, in the section “Planificación Docente”, through the following link:



    A) Compulsory insurance
    All Visiting Students must take out compulsory travel insurance, with coverage of medical expenses, civil liability to third parties and repatriation. For that purpose, more relevant information is available at this link.
    You can also take out the specific insurance with another company. Once the student arrives at the University of Cádiz, he/she must submit a copy of the insurance policy at the time of registration.
    The registration as visiting student at UCA does not have any academic effects in our institution. Academic validity and recognition depend on Home University.
    At the end of the stay, the students that pursue degree modules will receive a transcript of records in electronic format within a month approximately from the closing date to record qualifications of the period of study. If students pursue Master’s degree modules, their transcript of records in electronic format will be issued after the closing date to record qualifications in July.