Mobility service linked to all incoming students at Cadiz University. Find what you need to know here!

Before mobility 
Detailed list before the stay
During mobility 
Detailed list during the stay
After mobility 
Detailed list after the stay
  • Erasmus+ KA103

  • Erasmus+ KA107

  • Erasmus+ Training

  • International and visitors Students

  • AUIP

  • PIMA

  • Double degree Students

Erasmus Student Network (ESN): Accede
Insurances: Accede
Santander Bank: Accede
Where to find the different UCA campus?
How does the evaluation system work in Spain?
0-4.9 Suspenso: Considerable additional work is required / A little more work is required before granting the corresponding credits.
5-6.9 Aprobado: Productivity meets the minimun criteria. Satisfactory realization but with important deficiencies.
7-8.9 Notable: Generally solid work with a series of notable errors.
9-9.9 Sobresaliente: Above average but with some errors.
10 Matrícula de honor: Outstanding performance with only minor errors.
Conversion table
Do I have accident or health insurance??
European health insurance card or private insurance: Health Insurance and Health Card
Accident Insurance: Accede
Where are the international relations office in the different campuses?
In the Factsheet you can find all the information related to the international department of the UCA.