General Information

The University of Cadiz offers various registration possibilities to foreign students depending on your preferences:

1. To attend the complete school year in Spain with the aim of obtaining a Spanish post-secondary education degree (as well as master or PhD)
2. If you intend to stay a partial term of your school year through an Academic Exange Program (Erasmus or any other mobility program)
3. To attend to subjects as visiting student in our university.
4. To learn Spanish in our Superior Center of Modern Languages.


In order to gain admission to official degrees, those with foreign studies must meet the academic requirements to access Spanish college studies. In addition, they must request the place through the pre-registration systems (official system to allocate university places for majors with a restricted number of admittance at public universities)
The process and requirements may vary depending on the situation from which the student expects to access:
  • Through finished pre-university studies
  • Through university courses of study commenced abroad
  • Through foreign university degree
Master and PhD studies of The University of Cadiz are adjusted to The European Higher Education Area (EHEA). This is aimed at facilitating international mobility both for the improvement of employability, as well as increasing the value of European university degrees, improving its recognition around Europe and the World.
In general, official masters from the University of Cadiz have duration of one academic year (60 credits E.C.T.S.). It requires commitment on a full time basis and its overcome will give a student the right to obtain an Official Master’s Degree University Qualification with European recognition. Besides, masters are one of the straight paths to a doctoral thesis fulfillment. Its study plans have been authorized by the Education Ministries, subject to verification by the Agencia Andaluza del Conocimiento
The Doctorate, regulated by the Royal Decree 99/2011, 28th of January, has duration of 3 academic years if it is done at full time, or 5 years if it is done at part-time: In addition, there is the possibility of requesting postponement or temporary vacation. The PhD plan is constituted by a group of training and research activities, from which the doctoral student must complete a minimum of 600 hours before the thesis defense. These studies, as well as the ones from the Official Master, have been verified by the Agencia Andaluza del Conocimiento
Doctorate study plans previous to R.D. 99/2011 (doctorate programs regulated by Royal Decrees 1393/2007, 778/98 and 56/2005) are not offered at present. Doctoral students who initiated their studies through any of those plans are able to finish them within 5 years since the entry into force of R.D. 99/2011 (R.D. 99/2011 of Second Transitory Provision). There is also the possibility of applying for admission into one of the doctorate programs from the new study plan.
Spanish or foreign students unconnected with European or International mobility programs are allowed to be registered as visiting students. Visiting students can sign up for subjects at the University of Cadiz skipping the pre-registration procedure of its degree.
All the information about registration dates, prices or certificates is available at:
Superior Centre of Modern Languages
The Centre of Modern Languages belongs to the University of Cadiz unit, which is responsible for language learning and the development of language training. It is offered both to academic community and to its social environment.
Our main lines of action are:
  • Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language and specific summer programs.
  • Examination center to obtain Spanish as a Foreign Language certificates given by Cervantes Institute.
  • Foreign studies training: German, Arabic, Moroccan, Chinese, French, English, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese and Russian.
  • Official Accreditation of Language Knowledge in German, French, English and Italian supported by ACLES.
  • Practical training for Spanish as Foreign Language and lessons of Spanish Sign Language
  • Translation and interpretation service.
The educational range offered by the Superior Centre of Modern Languages is different in each of the four UCA campuses. It responds to the demand received or detected by the different University groups, (students, departments, research groups, etc.) as well as to other public or private institutions who ask for our services.
Thanks to the success of our programs and the trust relied by hundreds at every subsequent edition, the Superior Centre of Modern Languages has established itself as a quality reference in the idiomatic learning. It is also one of the most important access routes to university for foreign students.
You can find more information at a web of Centro Superior de lenguas modernas: