Double Degree Students


The University of Cádiz, in the framework of its internationalisation process, has enrolled and is enrolling double degree agreements with foreign universities with the aim of enabling students of both participating Universities to get the official academic title in each University, following the itinerary established in the double degree agreement.

To qualify for the double degree, the student must be admitted in this modality by his/her University of origin and take the official enrolment in the studies at the University of destination.
The incoming students of the University of Cádiz, regardless of receiving Erasmus Scholarship, must have been admitted in the official enrolment by Distrito Único Universitario Andaluz (DUA) resolution, in order to do that, they must apply for the admission in the website:

It is important to accomplish the procedure and the established deadlines in the admission process, so it is recommended to read carefully the following file:
Admission And Enrolment Calendar

Once the student is admitted, he/she must formalise the enrolment at the correspondent Campus Secretary and apply for the credits recognition at his/her University of origin.
For this purpose, they must bring:

  • A document from the University of Origin authorising his/her admission to the double degree.
  • Academic certification, which must be issued in Spanish, English or in another language admitted in the Agreement, indicating subjects passed and grades obtained.