[19-20] ERASMUS+ KA107 Studies Incoming


Call for the Incoming students in the frame of the Erasmus+ KA107 Programme to come to the UCA in the second semester of 2019-2020 academic year.

The Call in published in BOUCA 

The Erasmus+ Mobility for Studies programme offers students the chance to spend a period of continuous study at the University of Cádiz (UCA) during the second semester of the 2019-2020 academic year.

Mobility students will receive a grant, can attend courses and use all the facilities available at the University of Cádiz with no additional tuition fees (with the exception of any fees also applicable to local students). All learning activities approved in the Learning Agreement and completed successfully will be fully recognized at the home university. The Erasmus+ Programme offers students the chance to gain cultural experience abroad, become familiar with other higher education systems and meet young people from other countries, actively contributing to the process of international integration.

Text of the call:  Spanish, English, Russian, French

Annex I:  Distribution of Grants per country

Annex 2: Nomination Letter

Annex 3: Draft of the document “Absence of the Conflict of Interest”


Instructions and details about the Call:  ES ENRUFR


Second Decision about accepted students SMS-in 2019 ES

First Decision about accepted students SMS-in 2019 ES

Provisional Decision. Accepted and excluded applications SMS-in 2019 ES

Instructions about rejected Learning Agreement (common errors) ES, EN

Information about the semester and the language of instruction of the courses EN Courses 2019

Information about UCA’s Faculty Academic coordinators: Factsheet UCA

List of UCA’s Partner Universities during the academic year

UCA’s courses: http://asignaturas.uca.es/asig/

UCA’s Master Degres: https://oficinadeposgrado.uca.es/oferta-de-masteres-oficiales-2019-20/   

UCA’s PhD programmes: https://oficinadeposgrado.uca.es/oferta-de-programas-de-doctorado-por-la-universidad-de-cadiz/

UCA’s research groups: https://www.uca.es/grupos/

UCA’s courses taught in English: https://internacional.uca.es/erasmus/incoming/english-courses-offered-academic-year-2018-2019/?lang=en

General Information about the University of Cadiz: https://internacional.uca.es/erasmus/incoming/about-universidad-de-cadiz/?lang=en


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