Erasmus+ Programme Countries

Mobility of students for studies under the Erasmus+ Programme to stay at the University of Cádiz for 1 or 2 semesters.


In order to apply, please contact the office that manages the Erasmus Program at your home University and follow the instructions provided.

In order to apply, please contact the office that manages the Erasmus Programme at your home
University and follow the instructions provided.
Once you have been nominated by your home University, you will receive and e-mail with
instruction on how to apply:
Step 1) Administrative Phase
You have to send the Application Form together with a copy of your ID card or Passport to
the following email address:
  • First (Winter) Semester: 31st May
  • Second (Summer) Semester: 31st October
Once we have received the application forms from all our students, you will receive an
acceptance letter with further instructions. Acceptance letters will be sent out after 15th June
for students starting in the winter semester and after 15th November for students starting in the
summer semester. And no later than one month after the deadline.
Step 2) Academic Phase
You must contact the academic and institutional coordinador at the Faculty or School of the
University by e-mail. You must attach the Learning Agreement and a copy of a Spanish
Language certificate (at least B1 and B2 for some subjects in the Faculty Filosofía y Letras) and
will ask to get the learning agreement signed and sent back to you by e-mail.
The name and contact details of your academic coordinator is written on your acceptance
letter. In order to know the name of your Institutional coordinator a.k.a. person in charge of
the mobility at the Faculty or school, please have a look at the following  Fact Sheet UCA
Students starting their mobility in the Winter semester will receive an e-mail with useful and
practical information on how to get to Cádiz at the end of June and those starting in the
summer semester will receive at the end of November:
This Check List will help you during the application process.  Check List
A) Before your arrival
Before choosing the date of arrival, please read carefully the information provided before
(information for accepted students). Take into account the official dates of the semester,
Spanish Language Courses, start of courses for undergraduate students (different from Master
students), etc…
B) Special Information for students in MEDICINE
Following Spanish regulations, all students in medicine following a practical stage in the Hospital need to send together with the Application form an Official Certificate that student has a lack of childhood  and teenager sexual offence:
C) Arrival in the Universidad de Cádiz
Please attend any of the registration meetings with staff of the International Office. You do not
need to make an appointment for that. Just attend any of them and please bring with you the
following forms and documents:
During the registration meeting, the staff of the International office will inform you about the
offices of the University and will give you a folder with your documents (student card, modules
registration form, username and password for our computer system, etc…)
Module Registration Form: Matricula Erasmus
Module Registration change form: Cambio Matricula Erasmus
Information to keep in mind about the Carnival of Cádiz:  Carnaval
Academic Calendar: Autumn Semester: 24th September 2018 to 10th February 2019. Spring Semester: 11th February to 30th June 2019.
Visa Information: If you a student from a country outside the European Union, you will need to get a visa before coming to Spain. Please make sure you follow all the procedures to get the Visa in the Spanish Consulate in your country or region.
Two or three days before your departure, please come to the International Office to get your
certificate of stay signed and stamped. The transcript of records will be sent by the secretary’s
office of your Faculty or School. In case of problems with that, please contact them at the
following e-mail addresses:
Because of the distance between Campus Cadiz and Campus Algeciras, students in Campus
Algeciras can register and follow administration procedures with the coordinator in the School
or Faculty and you do not need to come to Cádiz.